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I coach high performers for accountability, habits and personal growth

(No selling, just exploring - I promise)


Do you ever feel like you're not tapping into your full potential?

All of us have dreams. Some of us set goals. Few do it correctly and even fewer hold themselves accountable to accomplish them. Keeping commitments to others and yourself is critical to success. We all struggle with this sometimes. If you feel like you have more to give in your work, personal life and relationships - I can help!

Achieving your objectives and becoming your best version, doesn't happen by chance. We know it takes work, discipline, experimenting and a whole lot of being uncomfortable. Everyone is on a different path, but the good thing is you don't have to walk alone... 


My Story

I'm a certified coach and I've been helping people grow and develop for over 9 years. If I had a label, my label would say: "People enthusiast". All my professional life, I've been working with people and I can safely say that human beings are fascinating. Unfortunately, not everyone lives a fascinating life. I'm on a mission to help my clients adopt a powerful mindset, break limiting beliefs and live up to their full potential.


Client Reviews

I'd rather show, than tell...


If you get to work with Stan, consider yourself lucky. Stan is interested in people. He asks questions and is a good listener with the memory to back it up. He grasps my issues fast and on point, but do not jump to conclusions. He is not only knowledgable; he walks the talk himself. He puts theory into practice. In addition he's a professional with a genuine, positive personality. He definitely has a a growth-mindset. If you want to get more out of life or your career, I suggest you contact Stan. I truly think he can help you. I would never have written this if I didn't 100% stand for it. Stan is still my coach after 6 months, and I hope we will stay my coach for many years to come.



“The first step to getting anywhere is deciding you're no longer willing to stay where you are”


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