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Coaching for performance

We all go through life switching between different roles. At one moment you're a business professional, the next you're a parent, a spouse, a friend, a student... The list is endless and our roles change - new ones are added and old ones drop out as we move forward.


One thing is certain - we all have a vested interest in performing as high as we can in the roles that matter to us most

For over 10 years, I've been working with people and helping them grow and be their best. As a high performance coach, I discovered that bringing your A game in any area of life is a combination of 3 things: 

  • Skills - this one is pretty obvious: no matter how talented you are, you need to continuously develop the abilities required to thrive (and keep thriving) in a given role

  • Practice - think of this in a wholistic sense: the habits and routines you build and maintain. Your practice is what you do consistently

  • Mindset - the one thing unexamined and overlooked by most. Ironically this is the foundation that everything else is built on

I combined these 3 elements in a concept I call The Performance Pyramid:

Performance pyramid.png

High Performance Coaching is about bringing these 3 elements in harmony. All 3 are needed to reach your peak and sustain that level of performance over the long run.


I believe in a very simple formula to results: What you see (mindset), determines what you do (practice & skill) and that ultimately determines what you get (result). 

See -> Do -> Get

When people are not satisfied with their results and performance, they usually ask "What do I need to do differently, to get better results?" That question is missing a key component. You can adopt a new strategy, but when you hold on to the same old mindset, the results you get are not that different and hard to sustain.

As a performance coach, I ask my clients: "How do you need to look at this situation, that will allow you to act differently and get completely different results?" High performance starts with mindset. It grows through consistent practice and manifests in skill.

Why should you work with a performance coach?

Because you know that you have potential you're not tapping into. A level of performance that you have not unlocked yet. Every person is capable of remarkable things, given the right tools, opportunities and support.

Are you ready for a taste of the coaching experience? You can book a free alignment session with me - no strings attached. Unleash your potential and step into greatness! 

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