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My coaching philosophy

Allow me to begin by sharing what coaching is and what it's not. Depending on where you look and who you ask, there are many definitions and interpretations out there. Here's the one I operate with and consider most appropriate:

Coaching is a process that facilitates personal and professional growth. It's where a person (or a group of people) openly engage in a creative and thought-provoking conversation. The ultimate aim of the coach is to unlock the client's unique potential and maximize their performance.

A meaningful coaching conversation has the power to transform and put people on the path to long-term success. Life changes with every 'a-ha moment' and breakthrough. 

I believe that every person is capable of remarkable things, but not everyone lives a remarkable life. My mission is to change that, by helping people bring their potential to life. I help my clients become their best self and live their best life today.

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